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Nieves Longordo

When Mr. Tony Martinez decided to open up shop over forty years ago in a small garage in Southwest Detroit,  he had no idea he was planting a seed that would grow into a great legacy that would make history in Detroit. After many successful years in business, Mr. Martinez decided it was time to retire and hand over the baton to his daughter Nieves. In 2010 Nieves Arzola became the new president and owner of Diseños Ornamental Iron.  Although Mr. Martinez was no longer the president, he still supervised operations for an additional three years while the company made this transition. Finally, in 2013 Mr. Martinez said farewell to Diseños Ornamental Iron, and departed to Colombia to enjoy his retirement. Nieves is determined to proudly carry on the legacy of Diseños, working with that hardened grit familiar to the people Detroit, and those in the steel and iron industry.

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Diseños Ornamental Iron team members are committed to fabricating, for both our commercial and residential clients, only the highest quality custom iron work. Our team collectively boasts over a century of experience in welding, iron fabrication, and installation. is majority-minority, and is also more than half made up of Detroit residents.
Diseños Ornamental Iron Detroit Staff Team

Craftsmanship, Powder Coat at Heart of Diseños Ornamental Iron

If you are in the state of Michigan and you spot some stunning metalwork, look closely. There’s a good chance it could be the craftsmanship of the team at Diseños Ornamental Iron.Nieves LongordoNieves LongordoFrom the metal work at The Element — previously known as The Metropolitan Building in Downtown Detroit — to stylish balconies, gorgeous gates and grills as well as stunning staircases, it’s likely handcrafted, custom built, powder coated metal work made with Diseños Ornamental Iron’s unique touch. Read more...

What will it take to get more Black and Latinx workers in the manufacturing jobs?
The manufacturing sector will need 2 million new workers in the next decade, according to a recent report by the Century Foundation. Its current workforce is 67% white non-Hispanic and 70% male. Read more...

Southwest Detroit restaurants to get all-season 'luminarias' for outdoor dining
As outdoor dining continues to evolve during this pandemic, some of the restaurants in Southwest Detroit are getting unique to their community: vented and enclosed structures called luminarias. Designed as a nod to traditional Mexican paper lanterns often used around Christmastime, 15 of the customizable, five-sided structures are being installed outside of restaurants throughout the Detroit neighborhood. ... Read more.

Outdoor dining structures resembling Mexican Luminarias built at Detroit restaurants
You’ll soon be able to dine in new heated outdoor structures at various restaurants in Detroit. The Southwest Detroit Business Association (SDBA) just announced, what it’s calling, “The Luminarias of Southwest Detroit.” Constructed to look like traditional Mexican luminarias, the heated, outdoor enclosures will each hold up to six people...Read more.

The Monarch Club rooftop bar opening soon in downtown Detroit
It could be the best rooftop-bar view in Detroit: The Monarch Club opens May 11 atop the Metropolitan Building in the heart of downtown. Outdoor patio areas flank both sides of the indoor, 13th-floor bar, with expansive sights that include Comerica Park to the north and the Hudson skyscraper construction project to the south. ... Read More.

8869 AVIS
et al. May, 2018.

Young Nation is an outreach, education, and youth development organization which "attempts to affect change by inspiring young minds through example and engagement." Young Nation's flagship project, called "The Alley Project" (TAP) transformed a Southwest Detroit neighborhood alley and surrounding vacant lots into an inspirational graffiti art gallery, which connects neighbors and youth to each other as well as to community assets.... Read More.

Artisans of Michigan: Forging Ornamental Iron
By Lester Graham. May 12th, 2017.

In the shop, people are welding fences, bending, hammering orange hot – you know, even hotter than red hot – lengths of steel into ornamental scrolls. Others are grinding down welds, smoothing it out to make it look good, and prepping the sculpted steel for powder coating... Read More.

Detroit iron workers craft gates to another world
By Louis Aguilar. June 15th, 2015.

Anyone who is anyone in Latino-centered southwest Detroit seems to have a black iron fence protecting their home. The home could be a humble bungalow, the street could have dilapidated, abandoned homes and graffiti. But the homeowner, often a Latino immigrant, has declared his or her home a castle, with a beautiful black iron fence.
... Read More.